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Areas of Activities

The Center was created in September 1994 with the following two purposes:

  1. To offer a documentation service about the subjects defined by the scope of the Center, principally the study of "transverse epistemologies"
  2. To organize and promote, wherever required, the study of those subjects: it is not a matter of concentrating efforts on the exegesis of a sole author, but rather of exploring a shared intellectual field.

This double goal crystallised in the development of the following areas of activities:

  • Bibliographic service. Constitution of a library and archives containing published writings by or about Jorge Luis Borges. The copious amount of written material sent by their authors is being systematically catalogued in order to enlarge the existing bibliographic database. Part of the received manuscripts will be published in "Variaciones Borges." (See the list in the page devoted to services)

  • Research Structure. Academic and institutional support to scholars from different countries in the elaboration of thesis or publications. Encounter point for bibliographic exchanges.

  • Internet network. Documentation service and a future newsgroup through the Internet. Increasing awareness of subjects concerning the Center through the World Wide Web. This service is having a rapid expansion. Each day the staff of the Center is happy to answer questions and requests coming from all over the world

  • Meetings. Planning of lectures, seminars, meetings, and congresses on subjects concerning the Center. A symposium on Borges is planned for April 2007 (see associated part of this webpage).

  • Publications. Variaciones Borges: half-yearly publication containing a section devoted to thematic contributions, (mainly Borges and the transversal epistemologies) and another to bibliographic information and service exchanges. Variaciones Borges is published in Spanish, English and French and can be defined as a journal of philosophy, semiotics and  literature.This item includes also publication of books.

  • Teaching. In Aarhus the teaching mission of the Center revolved around the Permanent Seminar, at the Center headquarters, in connection with the Spanish Department of the University of Aarhus. Invited professors included Michel Lafon, from the University of Grenoble, and there was frequent academic exchange. In Iowa regular courses are offered on Borges at the first-year undergraduate level (Reading Borges), advanced undergraduate level (senior seminar on Borges) and graduate seminars on Borges. Borges is also included in a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate courses.

  • Translation. Promotion of translation projects and discussion about the implications of the translation task.